About Hilary

Hilary Meurer

Hilary has been a maker since she could hold a pencil in her hand. As a child, she spent hours upon hours just making — building her own dollhouse furniture, sculpting dolls from clay and fabric, sewing clothes for her barbies, and crafting mosaics from wrapping paper sample books.

Eventually this path led her to design school at Carnegie Mellon, and she now runs her own business as a professional graphic designer. Her design training has greatly informed the work she still does outside her 9 to 5 — whether that be drawing, printing, or giving old items new life through art.

Currently, she is working primarily with block printing — carving a design out of rubber or linoleum, applying ink, and printing the image by hand. This process allows her to explore pattern, texture, and motifs for both fabric and paper. She particularly loves to upcycle old thrifted treasures or boring household items by hand printing on them and creating something totally new and unique. 

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